What’s new: [New] Added Search function to find specific keyword from Article, Note, Photo or Web page easily. [New] Now WebStory is able to retrieve comments from WordPress and Blogspot automatically. [New] Now WebStory is able to retrieve all blogs (previously only 25) under a Blogspot.com blog account. [Change] Updated dictionaries. [Solved] Word count does [...]

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What’s new: [New] Photos can now be reorganized into desired album by drag and drop. [Change] Spell check will always start from the beginning of article. [Change] If there is only one blog, it will be automatically selected when publishing post. [Solved] There will be an error when trying to upgrade database with microblog accounts. [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added a WebStory test drive account for first time users to quickly check out what WebStory has to offer. [New] Added dotted line effect to indicate the border of borderless table. [New] Pressing Tab at the last cell of a table will add a new table row. [Change] New tables will be [...]

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What’s new: [Solved] When blog account information is refreshed, WebStory would go back to first page if no additional blog is detected. [Solved] Right click on WebStory’s tray icon to exit application would cause error. [Solved] Alignment button does not show the correct state inside a table cell. [Solved] Photo editor shows inappropriate message in [...]

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What’s new: [New] Now WebStory allows anyone of the blogs under an account to be activated in order to proceed with the account setup. [Change] Delete an article while the article is being edited would also cause the editor to be closed. [Change] Main form side panels’ font sizes have been properly adjusted. [Solved] Blog [...]

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What’s new: [New] Optimized the speed for saving articles in blog editor. [New] Added Blog Group button to Main window. [Change] Blog Profile has been renamed to Blog Group. [Change] The display order of pending comments has been changed to descending order based on comment time. [Solved] Under certain circumstances, performing back up would not [...]

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What’s new: [Solved] When posts from WordPress server are backed up, break lines inside JavaScript would be converted to <br> tag. [Solved] Unable to copy the content of Google search results in WebStory. [Solved] After successful activation, the Cancel button is still enabled. [Solved] Clicking at the Google search result in WebStory will cause a [...]

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What’s new: [New] Add the option to skip post backup in the backup wizard. [New] Added page and comment backup option in the backup wizard. [Change] Current version number shown in Check For Update is now consistent with the latest released version number. [Solved] Clicking at the bookmark hyperlink within the same article at post [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added a right click Copy menu to search result page. [Change] When blog or microblog is added, the activation window still shows account type filter. [Solved] Modifying a saved article properties without changing the content in editor will not be able to save the modified properties. [Solved] Trying to upgrade database that [...]

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Microsoft has recently announced that they were going to shut down Windows Live Spaces blog soon. They have also offered to migrate existing users to WordPress.com blogging platform. If you have not yet decided whether you want to migrate to WordPress.com or set up your own blog server and host you blogs from Windows Live Spaces, you [...]

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