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Well, fixed plenty of bugs and added some enhancements:

  • [New] Added a function to clear CSS styles for selected text to the text plugin.
  • [New] Added a description column to indicate the source of custom dictionary in Options dialog.
  • [New] Updated the UI to the latest 2010 Office Ribbon file tab.
  • [New] Added new shout box effect to the text plugin.
  • [Change] The demo plugin has been renamed to Text Plugin and enabled by default for completely new installation.
  • [Change] Added some margin to the bottom of WebStory signature.
  • [Change] Now flipping the page from source editor to article editor will position the caret to the beginning of article.
  • [Change] Added theme effect to note editor’s progress bar.
  • [Change] Article editor’s title font color has been changed to lighter color.
  • [Solved] Spell check does not work properly.
  • [Solved] For first time installation, when there is no last accessed database detected, trying to sign in would throw an error message.
  • [Solved] Publishing blog with more than one editors opened will result in all editors’ blog archive having the same task running.
  • [Solved] Closing blog activation dialog while adding blog accounts will throw an error message.
  • [Solved] Unable to publish Twitter message that contains special characters.
  • [Solved] When horizontal line is inserted, some HTML tags around the horizontal line may be removed.
  • [Solved] If anchor text starts with http://, flipping to source editor and back would cause it to be replaced with the hyperlink.
  • [Solved] If a new user has not yet created a blog on Self.my, WebStory would show an incorrect message.
  • [Solved] When adding new page to Self.my, after selecting the desired blog and click Next, WebStory still prompts to select a blog.
  • [Solved] Unable to set the storage provided by blog servers (such as WordPress) as web album.
  • [Solved] When the caret is at the end of article, trying to access Thesaurus will not produce any result or message.

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Grab your latest version here: http://download.webstory.my/webstory.zip

Chrysanth WebStory What’s your WebStory today?

After several years of development, we finally shipped the latest version of Chrysanth WebStory on 4th Nov 2010. If you just happened to stumble upon this post, WebStory is a desktop blog management software, which may be a good companion to your blog writing task. You may get WebStory for free here: http://download.webstory.my/webstory.zip.

This release incorporates many changes much more than just facelifts. Besides getting a new look on the entire user interface, we literally rewrote the entire application again. Among the highlights of new changes, the change to business model is the most significant! Starting from version 3.3, WebStory will be available for free for most of the features! Every new user will be able to manage at least one blog or microblog with WebStory, plus unlimited web albums.

New changes to the latest 3.3 version include:

  • Streamlined flow of all blog management processes
  • Support more blog servers and web sites, especially WordPress blogging server
  • Support microblog service like Twitter
  • Support web albums like Flickr and Picasa
  • Extensible plugin support for more additional features
  • More themes to feast your eyes
  • Blog post preview before publication
  • Back up entire blog to local computer
  • Multiple blogs synchronization with one click
  • WordPress comment back up and management
  • Web search using Google or Wikipedia
  • and many more to be discovered…

Upon installation of WebStory, you will need to create a Self.my blog account. This is primarily for WebStory user information validation, such as credits available in your account; and to serve as an online discussion platform for stuff related to WebStory. Once this is done, you are good to go with your first database creation. If you come across any problem during your exploration of WebStory, you may want to join our discussion here: http://self.my/groups/webstory-support/

Hope that you will enjoy using WebStory.

Chrysanth WebStory This is WebStory!