Well, fixed plenty of bugs and added some enhancements:

  • [New] Added a function to clear CSS styles for selected text to the text plugin.
  • [New] Added a description column to indicate the source of custom dictionary in Options dialog.
  • [New] Updated the UI to the latest 2010 Office Ribbon file tab.
  • [New] Added new shout box effect to the text plugin.
  • [Change] The demo plugin has been renamed to Text Plugin and enabled by default for completely new installation.
  • [Change] Added some margin to the bottom of WebStory signature.
  • [Change] Now flipping the page from source editor to article editor will position the caret to the beginning of article.
  • [Change] Added theme effect to note editor’s progress bar.
  • [Change] Article editor’s title font color has been changed to lighter color.
  • [Solved] Spell check does not work properly.
  • [Solved] For first time installation, when there is no last accessed database detected, trying to sign in would throw an error message.
  • [Solved] Publishing blog with more than one editors opened will result in all editors’ blog archive having the same task running.
  • [Solved] Closing blog activation dialog while adding blog accounts will throw an error message.
  • [Solved] Unable to publish Twitter message that contains special characters.
  • [Solved] When horizontal line is inserted, some HTML tags around the horizontal line may be removed.
  • [Solved] If anchor text starts with http://, flipping to source editor and back would cause it to be replaced with the hyperlink.
  • [Solved] If a new user has not yet created a blog on Self.my, WebStory would show an incorrect message.
  • [Solved] When adding new page to Self.my, after selecting the desired blog and click Next, WebStory still prompts to select a blog.
  • [Solved] Unable to set the storage provided by blog servers (such as WordPress) as web album.
  • [Solved] When the caret is at the end of article, trying to access Thesaurus will not produce any result or message.

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