What’s new:

  • [New] Add the option to skip post backup in the backup wizard.
  • [New] Added page and comment backup option in the backup wizard.
  • [Change] Current version number shown in Check For Update is now consistent with the latest released version number.
  • [Solved] Clicking at the bookmark hyperlink within the same article at post preview will result in a new browser window being opened.
  • [Solved] The progress bar in the window for refresh follower list is not following theme color.
  • [Solved] Pressing Backspace to delete prevous character in the Insert Bookmark window has no effect.
  • [Solved] Clicking at “Insert [Picture] From Web” menu will cause an error message to be thrown.
  • [Solved] Article deletion confirmation message is cut off at the end.
  • [Solved] Publishing post with pictures to Self.my would not succeed.
  • [Solved] Entering Twitter verification code that comes with additional spaces, WebStory would not be able to pass the verification.
  • [Solved] When an article is saved and reopened for edit, the source of pictures inside the article would be changed to wrong source.
  • [Solved] Cancel selected tasks would cause selected tasks to be resumed instead.
  • [Solved] Trying to add blogspot.com blog account would cause an error message to be thrown.

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