What’s new:

  • [New] Added a right click Copy menu to search result page.
  • [Change] When blog or microblog is added, the activation window still shows account type filter.
  • [Solved] Modifying a saved article properties without changing the content in editor will not be able to save the modified properties.
  • [Solved] Trying to upgrade database that contains both blogs and microblogs would encountered an error.
  • [Solved] When image is copied from web page and pasted into editor, it will be saved as BMP format, instead of converted to PNG format.
  • [Solved] Under some circumstances, WebStory is not able to read IE proxy settings.
  • [Solved] Word count shows incorrect result.
  • [Solved] Text plugin UI not properly aligned for systems with large font setting.
  • [Solved] Publishing articles with JavaScript at the beginning of content, or articles with JS only will result in JS being removed.
  • [Solved] In the backup window, after backup is complete, it will flip to blank result page.
  • [Solved] Double click at web album photo (via account node) does not launch web browser to visit the online photo page.
  • [Solved] Double click at the page list in Blog View does not launch web browser to visit the online page.
  • [Solved] Flipping to Application Menu in the photo editor back to normal menu tab will cause the editor window to enlarge.
  • [Solved] In the “Insert [Picture] From Local Album” window, blank thumbnails are shown.
  • [Solved] For WordPress, after publishing a new article without slug, WebStory does not retrieve the slug assigned by blog server.
  • [Solved] Clicking at emoticon will cause photo editing ribbon context to be displayed.
  • [Solved] When a few tasks are selected to be cancelled, only the last clicked task will be cancelled.
  • [Solved] Trying to remove hyperlink of an image copied from a web page through Properties->Hyperlink->No Link will cause error.
  • [Solved] Closing WebStory when Application Menu is displayed would cause error.
  • [Solved] Update an existing post with “Use last published time” option will cause the post time to be different than the original time.
  • [Solved] After closing all search results in article editor, the last page header is still visible and closing it will cause error.
  • [Solved] WordPress Page Properties window tab order is incorrect.
  • [Solved] Note deletion confirmation message is cut off at the bottom.

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