What’s new:

  • [New] Optimized the speed for saving articles in blog editor.
  • [New] Added Blog Group button to Main window.
  • [Change] Blog Profile has been renamed to Blog Group.
  • [Change] The display order of pending comments has been changed to descending order based on comment time.
  • [Solved] Under certain circumstances, performing back up would not be successful.
  • [Solved] Set Publication Time label is too short to display whole text.
  • [Solved] In Backup window, click at the “Only last:” option, then click at other option, the “Only last:” field is still enabled.
  • [Solved] After saving article in blog editor, the newly saved article does not show up instantly on the correct folder in Main window.
  • [Solved] Adding a new album when trying to insert a photo to local album would cause an error.
  • [Solved] The album list is blank when trying to insert a photo to local album.
  • [Solved] Backing up Pages or Comments from blog servers that do not support such feature is not handled properly.
  • [Solved] Special characters of comment title is not properly decoded after backup.
  • [Solved] Right click to close all the search tab headers will cause article tab header to remain.
  • [Solved] Cancelling backup operation would not completely stop the process.
  • [Solved] During Comment backup, repeated comments do not follow user’s Skip option, but they are overwritten again instead.
  • [Solved] Perform Comment backup for repeatedly would cause the process to halt.
  • [Solved] After a picture’s alignment has been set to any option but Default, it is not able to reset to Default.
  • [Solved] After a comment has been marked as spam, the progress bar on Main form does not stop.

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