What’s new:

  • [New] Now WebStory allows anyone of the blogs under an account to be activated in order to proceed with the account setup.
  • [Change] Delete an article while the article is being edited would also cause the editor to be closed.
  • [Change] Main form side panels’ font sizes have been properly adjusted.
  • [Solved] Blog editor does not convert emoticon shortcuts to respective emoticon when relevant option is enabled.
  • [Solved] Some emoticon shortcuts are conflicting with each other.
  • [Solved] During backup, when entry has already existed and to be skipped, no reason is displayed in the failed result.
  • [Solved] Switching from “Published” or “Not yet published” node to other nodes in Status view would cause an error.
  • [Solved] Edit and save article in Status View->All Articles would cause the article to disappear from the list.
  • [Solved] Some error messages are not properly displayed when error is encountered during blog publishing.
  • [Solved] Flipping blog group in the Blog view will take quite some time to complete.
  • [Solved] During blog back up, if the main form is not at Blog view, an error would be thrown.
  • [Solved] When a big number is entered into the Last count field in blog back up window, the focus could not be shifted to others.
  • [Solved] Press Enter key twice in the publish dialog would cause WebStory to proceed to next stage regardless of blogs are selected.

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