What’s new:

  • [Solved] When blog account information is refreshed, WebStory would go back to first page if no additional blog is detected.
  • [Solved] Right click on WebStory’s tray icon to exit application would cause error.
  • [Solved] Alignment button does not show the correct state inside a table cell.
  • [Solved] Photo editor shows inappropriate message in the right hand corner status bar.
  • [Solved] Inside table cells, text does not appear to use Default Font size automatically.
  • [Solved] Inside table cells, if set to align center, there will be extra P tag in the source.
  • [Solved] CSS styles entered in the HTML source would be removed upon saving the article.
  • [Solved] Pressing Enter key in the Find and Replace dialog does not start the search immediately.
  • [Solved] When article editor is resized to a small window, flipping to Archive or Comment sidebar will see some misaligned UI.
  • [Solved] After inserting a new table, entering text in any of the table cells would cause the table column width to change randomly.
  • [Solved] Images from one Blog Editor could not be copied to another Blog Editor.
  • [Solved] WebStory does not follow the option setting and would launch browser each time a hyperlink in the Blog Editor is clicked.

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