What’s new:

  • [New] Added a WebStory test drive account for first time users to quickly check out what WebStory has to offer.
  • [New] Added dotted line effect to indicate the border of borderless table.
  • [New] Pressing Tab at the last cell of a table will add a new table row.
  • [Change] New tables will be inserted as borderless table.
  • [Solved] When an inserted image has been edited and reinserted again, Blog Editor would not reflect the edited changes.
  • [Solved] Pressing Tab key inside a table cell does not move to the next cell.
  • [Solved] When article is empty, the table inserted will be removed after switching to HTML Source view.
  • [Solved] When trying to add microblog account, there will be an error.
  • [Solved] Content inside Blog Editor cannot be copied.
  • [Solved] When published content is copied from a blog editor to another and republished, image links are wrong.
  • [Solved] When Twitter follower image is invalid, it would cause an error while retrieving follower information.

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