What’s new:

  • [New] Photos can now be reorganized into desired album by drag and drop.
  • [Change] Spell check will always start from the beginning of article.
  • [Change] If there is only one blog, it will be automatically selected when publishing post.
  • [Solved] There will be an error when trying to upgrade database with microblog accounts.
  • [Solved] Thesaurus options could not be saved.
  • [Solved] Custom dictionary options could not be saved.
  • [Solved] When right click on bold text inside a table cell, the pop out menu does not show remove column and row options.
  • [Solved] After changing text alignment inside a table cell, the Save button is not enabled.
  • [Solved] Pressing Enter key in the insert Tag/Keyword field has no effect.
  • [Solved] Sometimes incrementing the font size of a whole row of text will not update the font size combo.
  • [Solved] When the focus is on one of the system node at main window, saving article may cause error.
  • [Solved] Set Lock and Set Draft mode do not work at Status View and Tag View.
  • [Solved] The selection sequence is incorrect in the Insert Picture Wizard.
  • [Solved] Selecting insert picture From Web option with Enter key, the message dialog could not be dismissed with Enter key again.
  • [Solved] Inserting links from Blog Archive would overwrite the “Text to display” even if it’s not empty.
  • [Solved] Pressing Enter key in Find and Replace dialog when the end of article is reached will not dismiss the message prompt.
  • [Solved] When blog editor is open, refreshing blog account information would make the tags duplicated.
  • [Solved] Deleting post archive that contains comments would cause all local comments of the same blog to be deleted.
  • [Solved] Tweets published to multiple accounts would have multiple records in the Published Status view.
  • [Solved] After removing a blog account, the pending tasks related to the blog are not removed.
  • [Solved] When all post archives of a blog are deleted, WebStory will still show a comment count summary header.
  • [Solved] If the selected account type does not exists in Activation Wizard, proceeding to the next page would cause an error.

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