What’s new:

  • [New] Added a new article browsing window, you no longer have to go online in order to read all your articles now.
  • [New] Now the last selected category view in Article Editor would be remembered. By default it will show Category By Blog.
  • [New] Added support for WordPress multi-level category.
  • [New] Added support for copying content with images from MS Word.
  • [New] Added copy and paste right click menu to HTML source editor.
  • [New] Added blog account info in the Target field for Task List.
  • [Change] Greatly simplifies the main window’s UI. By default My Note and My Photo are not enabled.
  • [Change] Now double clicking at any article will default to browsing instead of editing.
  • [Change] Now spell check will always start from the beginning of an article.
  • [Change] Now the caret position in HTML source editor is limited to the last character or space users type in.
  • [Change] Blog account node will now show a summary of all blogs under the account instead of all posts.
  • [Change] Newly added category under individual blog in the Article Editor will be selected by default.
  • [Change] After publishing microblog status, clicking at the status alert window will browse the message permalink page.
  • [Solved] An error will be encountered upon deleting comment failure.
  • [Solved] After publishing a post as draft, trying to publish from Blog Archive again may cause error.
  • [Solved] Publishing post to WordPress with publication time set may result in unexpected time due to time zone setting.
  • [Solved] “Not yet published” article count may be wrong under certain filter conditions.
  • [Solved] Publishing post as draft for article with categories set may cause the post to be published publicly.
  • [Solved] Setting an article to Draft status in the Article Editor does not save the Draft status when the editor is closed.
  • [Solved] Publishing an article marked as Draft in the main window does not automatically check the “Publish as draft” option.
  • [Solved] Sometimes when flipping to HTML source editor, copy and cut menu may not be enabled accordingly.
  • [Solved] After clicking at the Comments node, then clicking at the root node for Blog View will still show comment related view.

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