What’s new:

  • [New] A completely revamped microblog management user interface.
  • [New] Added capability to send microblog private message.
  • [New] Added microblog retweet function.
  • [New] Added new microblog message count notification to the latest message node.
  • [New] Added function to insert video clips directly.
  • [New] Added support to set multiple blog schedule at once.
  • [New] Added options to control the message alerts for new microblog message and blog comment.
  • [New] Article Browser now shows the tree structure of WordPress pages.
  • [Change] When resuming all tasks in the Task List, scheduled tasks will not be executed now.
  • [Change] Changed the behavior of filling color inside a table cell.
  • [Change] Now other people’s messages are no longer editable.
  • [Solved] The No Fill and Transparent color option for highlight and fill color are not visible in the UI.
  • [Solved] Random WebStory signature becomes empty after publishing post.
  • [Solved] Inserted table column does not follow existing TH tag attributes.
  • [Solved] Sometimes performing a search in the Search window may encounter an error.
  • [Solved] Changing tag options in Note Editor does not enable the Save button.
  • [Solved] <> symbols are not properly decoded when retrieving Twitter messages.
  • [Solved] New microblog message hints will keep showing even after dismissed.
  • [Solved] Sometimes opening new Blog Editor while publishing blog posts may cause error.
  • [Solved] Sometimes publishing posts to multiple blogs may cause error.
  • [Solved] Double clicking at an article after performing back up would cause an error.
  • [Solved] After setting up new microblog account, the summary counts in the latest message node are not shown.
  • [Solved] After clicking at the latest microblog message notification, the summary count went wrong.
  • [Solved] Setting up a WordPress blog account that has not yet enabled the XMLRPC interface will prompt the correct message now.
  • [Solved] After restarting WebStory, the tasks in the Task List showed wrong Start Time.

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