What’s new:

  • [New] Now Twitter users can set custom message source for new tweets, which is ideal for microblog marketing.
  • [New] Added watermark effect to photo plugin.
  • [New] Added Select All menu item when right clicking at the Blog Editor or HTML Source Editor.
  • [New] Added the option to remember default username and password for blog account setup.
  • [Change] Redesigned the flow for Captcha verification, now all Captcha code could be entered in the same verification window.
  • [Solved] Unable to retrieve self own Twitter Retweets.
  • [Solved] Under certain conditions, scheduled publishing or resuming failed tasks may fail.
  • [Solved] When “Close editor window upon successful publishing” is set, all Blog Editors will be closed wrongly.
  • [Solved] Adding Flickr web album or sharing photos to Flickr will cause an error.
  • [Solved] Clicking at the dropdown button at the bottom of Microblog Timeline would cause an error.
  • [Solved] When Picasa has got a web album with the same name as Blogger’s, pictures would be uploaded to the Picasa album instead of Blogger’s.
  • [Solved] When importing HTML files, pictures with relative path are not imported properly.
  • [Solved] There would be an error when saved password is not retrievable.
  • [Solved] Double clicking at photos uploaded to default web album does not launch web browser to visit the photo page.
  • [Solved] Occasionally publishing blog post or microblog message may get stuck forever.
  • [Solved] When Blogger account’s registered email is not verified, wrong message would be prompted.
  • [Solved] WebStory should not show Retweet button for self own Twitter messages.
  • [Solved] Deleting a twit under Miroblog Timeline does not show the twit to be deleted immediately until next login.
  • [Solved] When a username appears more than once in a Twitter message, the user hyperlink may be parsed wrongly.

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