1. How much is WebStory going to cost me? Is it FREE?

WebStory is FREE. You can download and use all of the WebStory’s features for as long as you like. And, WebStory is NEITHER adware NOR spyware too. This is because WebStory offers 2 types of activation for all users, i.e. Free Activation or Professional Activation.

If you write your blogs or microblogs casually, you may choose Free Activation, as it is FREE but subject to daily posting limits.

Advantages of Free Activation:

  • Unlimited account activation
  • Powerful blog and microblog management, including:
    • backup
    • editing
    • browsing
    • comment management
    • and many more…

With Free Activation, you are subject to daily posting limits:

  • Blog posting/ update — FREE 10 times of new posting/ update DAILY. Subsequent posting/ update on the same day requires 2 credits each.
  • Microblog posting — FREE 10 times of new posting DAILY. Subsequent posting on the same day requires 2 credits each.

Nevertheless, If you blog for a living or you blog passionately, it is highly recommended that you start with Professional Activation. You will enjoy the true freedom and fun of blogging with WebStory, i.e. all the benefits of Free Activation MINUS the limitations!

For the pricing of Professional Activation, you may visit here.

The best thing is, you will get new WebStory upgrades free as well, regardless of how you activate your blogs or microblogs.

2. Is the Self.my blog free?

Yes, you may create as many Self.my blog as you like, and it’s free.

Additionally, WebStory account validation for posting to Self.my is also free.

Chrysanth WebStory Published by WebStory