To complete the blog account setup, you will need to activate your blogs before they are ready to be used with WebStory. Activation involves 3 steps:

  • Select your desired type of activation, i.e. Free or Professional
  • Select activation scheme
  • Confirm your activation and complete the activation process

There are 2 types of activation, Free Activation and Professional Activation.

No matter which type of activation you choose to start with, you can always switch to the other type of activation anytime later.

Most importantly, there is NO lock-in for Professional Activation — upon expiry of your Professional Activation: you may renew existing activation plan, or choose other activation plan, or just switch to Free Activation.

1. Free Activation

If you write blogs or update Twitter status casually, you may choose Free Activation, as it is FREE but subject to daily posting limits.

Advantages of Free Activation:

  • Unlimited account activation
  • Powerful blog and microblog management, including:
    • backup
    • editing
    • browsing
    • comment management
    • and many more…

With Free Activation, you are subject to daily posting limits:

  • Blog posting/ update — FREE 10 times of new posting/ update DAILY. Subsequent posting/ update on the same day requires 2 credits each.
  • Twitter status update — FREE 10 times of new status update DAILY. Subsequent update on the same day requires 2 credit each.

To select the Free Activation, you have to select the Free Activation option as shown in the window below: 

Free Activation

Then you will be presented with the activation scheme available for Free Activation. In this case, you will see the details of Free Activation as shown in the window below:

Free Activation Scheme

Click Next and WebStory will show you an Activation Confirmation detail. Here you will see that you can perform Free Activation for free as the Credit Required is 0.

Casual Activation does not require any credit

Upon successfully activating your blog or microblog, you will be prompted with a confirmation message from server, and you are done with your Free Activation now. You may then click at the Continue button to proceed with the rest of your account setup.

Free Activation is completed successfully

2. Professional Activation

If you blog for a living or you blog passionately, it is highly recommended that you start with Professional Activation. You will enjoy the true freedom and fun of blogging with WebStory, i.e. all the benefits of Free Activation MINUS the limitations!

To select the Professional Activation, you have to select the Professional Activation option as shown in the window below:

Professional Activation

Then you will be presented with the activation scheme available for Professional Activation. In the window below, we will see 2 schemes available, i.e. Monthly and Yearly. It is highly recommended that you go with the Yearly scheme as it offers the greatest savings. With Yearly scheme, you are free to publish unlimited blog post or microblog status within a year.

Professional Activation Scheme

On the next screen, you will need to select the blogs or microblogs that you would like to activate with the selected scheme.

Select blog or microblog for current activation

Click Next and WebStory will automatically calculate the credits required for current activation. To complete the activation, click Activate.

Credits required for current activation

The window below prompts that you have successfully activated your account with Professional Activation and the credits deducted for the activation. If your blog or microblog is still within the valid activation period, trying to re-activate will not deduct further credits from your account.

Professional Activation is completed successfully

Chrysanth WebStory Published by WebStory