For users that are using WordPress for both purposes of blogging and content management system (CMS), you may have the need to add new pages to your web site from time to time. It is very simple to add or update WordPress pages via WebStory.

Create a new WordPress page

1. Open a new Blog Editor.

Open a new Blog Editor

2. Enter the title and content of the page as you would an ordinary blog post.

3. Open the WordPress properties panel, and flip to the Page Properties tab.

Setting WordPress Properties

4. Click at the Add button. Then select the Blog that you would like to create the page and click Next.

Select the blog to add new WordPress page

5. Set the Page Details, including the Parent Page, Template and Page Order.

Set WordPress Page Details

6. Finally, save and publish the page.

Update an existing WordPress page

1. Select the page that you would like to update from the Pages node under the relevant blog account.

Select the page to update under the Pages node

2. Click at the Edit button, or you may also right click at the page and select Edit.

Click at the Edit button to start editing an existing page

3. Make the necessary changes to the page content, or update the WordPress Page Details as explained in the previous section.

4. Save and publish the updated page.

Chrysanth WebStory Published by WebStory