If your blog supports Read-More feature (like a typical WordPress blog does, which lets you show only the first few sentences of your post on the front page and ends with something like a “Read on…” hyperlink, as shown in the screens in the next section), then you may easily invoke this feature with the following steps.

First, locate the Read-More Tag menu on the Blog Editor, as shown in the screen below:

Read-More Tag Menu

Clicking at the Read-More Tag menu will insert a Read-More marker into the cursor position of your current article, and by moving to other position in your article and clicking at the same Read-More Tag button again, the Read-More marker will be moved to the latest cursor position.

Read-More Marker shown in the article

After publishing this article, the effect on the front page is as below:

The Read-More tag effect on the front page

And clicking at the (Read on…) hyperlink will unveil the entire post:

Entire post content is revealed after clicking at the Read on... hyperlink

If you access the dropdown menu of Read-More Tag menu, you will see the following 3 submenus:

  • Insert – this is similar to clicking at the Read-More Tag button itself, whereby a Read-More marker will be placed at the current cursor position
  • Remove – this will remove the Read-More marker from the article, and effectively cancelling the “Read on…” hyperlink
  • Show/Hide – this will Show or Hide the Read-More marker in the article, so that your editing or reading experience will not be disrupted

Read-More Tag Submenu


Chrysanth WebStory Published by WebStory