If you have backed up all your blogs with WebStory, you may easily rebuild a complete blog again whenever necessary. Usually you will want to rebuild your blog if:

  • Your original blog server crashes
  • You want to migrate to other blog server or blog service, due to factors including:
    • The original blog service is shutting down, such as in the case of Microsoft shutting down Windows Live Spaces
    • The original blog service is no longer maintained due to business reasons
    • The original blog service deteriorates over time and there is no promise to improve their quality anytime soon
  • You want to mirror your original blogs by setting up your blogs in different platforms, such as using Facebook as a second blog service so that your circle of friends may be able to follow your recent blog updates via Facebook feeds

Whatever your needs may be, it is pretty straight forward to rebuild your blog (or restore your blog) to a new blog server. But before doing so, you will need to set up a specific post date time option first. Doing so will make sure that you will be able to set up the new blog with all posts following the original post date time. To accomplish this, access the Options menu, then click at the Blogging section. You will see that in the Publish Date Time section, there is an option named Publish New Post.

 Setting up new post date time options

The options available are:

Use current time

  • This option will always publish new post with current timestamp, which sometimes may not be the best option for restoring a blog, as all your posts will be published with your current time, losing track of their original timestamp when they were first created

Use last published time

  • If the new destination blog server supports timestamp setting, then using this option will make sure that all posts will be published using the original published date time, and this gives the impression that the new blog might have been existing for years

Once you have made your choice, you may start to select the posts that you want to restore to the new blog. There are several ways of doing so, and the simplest is to select your existing blog, then press CTRL+A to select all of the blog posts.

Select blog posts to restore

Once the posts are selected, click at the Publish menu and your new blog will be set up in no time Geek_happy

Publish blog menu

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