Twitter is a very cool social networking service to help disseminate news and messages quickly. However, sometimes it’s just too inconvenient to try to jam all your messages into the 140 text limit imposed by Twitter. In this case, you will find it handy with WebStory’s Blog on Twitter feature, which helps you to convert a lengthy rich-text formatted content into an image that’s attached to a tweet.

Let’s first take a look at how easy it is to do so by examining a real world example of a WebStory release post. The first screen below shows the original blog post published by WebStory, and the second screen shows how the same content appears on Twitter without any modification.

The original blog post: 

Click to check out the original blog post

The same content posted to Twitter without any modification:

Click to check out the tweet on Twitter

With WebStory, it’s extremely easy to achieve this stunning result. You just have to write a blog post as you normally would (just like the screen below), and if you have any specific content that you want to make sure that it appears as text content in a Tweet, then you may specify it via Post Properties->Excerpt in the blog editor.

Write your rich-text content with the WYSIWYG Blog Editor

Upon publishing the blog post, remember to flip to Microblog page and select the desired Twitter accounts.

Publish blog post to Twitter

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